CARDIOVASCULAR PATHOLOGY: SURGERY AND INTERVENTIONS. Proceedings of the Third Moscow International Course. May 16–17, 2015

CARDIOVASCULAR PATHOLOGY: SURGERY AND INTERVENTIONS. Proceedings of the Third Moscow International Course. May 16–17, 2015

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Под редакцией:  L.A. Bockeria, M. Turina

Год:  2016

Количество страниц:  652

ISBN:  978-5-7982-0361-1

УДК:  616.12-089+616.1322-07-08

Копирайт:  © Bakoulev SCCVS, 2016

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Leo A. Bockeria (Moscow, Russia), Marko Turina (Zurich, Switzerland) Opening Remarks

James Cox Maze myths

Roberto Chiesa Updated strategy for organ protection during TAAA open repair

Claudio Muneretto Hybrid coronary revascularization: techniques and results

Paul Sergeant Can we teach, qualify and quantify a good coronary anastomosis

Peter Zilla Heart valve surgery at the interface between first and third world

Leo A. Bockeria Cardiovascular surgery and interventions in Russian Federation

Ralph J. Damiano Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation in patients with mitral valve disease

Friedrich W. Mohr The development of TAVI

Paul Sergeant (Leuven, Belgium)Conversion in OPCAB, Can It Be Avoided?

Francis WellensCardiac surgery for heart failure

David Taggart Is it time to abandon off-pump CABG

Roberto Chiesa Open conversion after TEVAR. Tips & Tricks

Leslie Miller Use of stem cells in cardiac surgery

Gino Gerosa The role of MCS in acute cardiogenic shock: from ECMO to TAH

Victor Hraska ASO in complex transposition with criss–cross heart, multiple VSD’s, straddling of TV, and PS

Francis Wellens Video session on thoracoscopic implantation of ICD

Viktor Hraska Cone reconstruction of Ebstein’s malformation

Gino Gerosa Evolution of LVAD implantation techniques: from conventional to micro-invasive surgery

James L. Cox The Cox-Maze-IV procedure

Francis Wellens The cardiac surgeon and the treatment of arrhythmias

Gino Gerosa Miniaturized LVAD: what is in the pipeline?

David Taggart What is the 2nd best arterial graft? IMA or RA

Paul Sergeant It can happen to you one day

Leslie Miller Left ventricular assist devices for advanced heart failure: patient selection

Roland Hetzer New strategies in valve repair: anterior leaflet retention plasty for systolic anterior motion in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomiopathy, posterior leaflet augmentation for ischemic mitral incompetence and double orifice valve technique for tricuspid valve insufficience

Ralph J. Damiano Recent advances in the surgical treatment of lone atrial fibrillation

Friedrich W. Mohr Bilateral internal thoracic arteries: skeletonize and T-off

Marko Turina Grown-up congenital heart disease: a condition in search of optimal treatment

Roland Hetzer Pediatric mechanical circulatory support

Peter Zilla Tackling the disparity: rheumatic heart disease and the lack of cardiac surgery in developing world

Claudio Muneretto Endoscopic treatment of lone AF

Viktor Hraska Anatomic correction of ccTGA: new ideas of management

Leo A. Bockeria Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation: the why and the how

Roland Hetzer Repair techniques to correct the tricuspid valve incompetence in Ebstein’s anomaly

James L. Cox Hybrid Maze procedures vs. hybrid non-Maze procedures