The Health of Russia: Atlas

The Health of Russia: Atlas

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Авторы:  V.I. Starodubov, I.N. Stupakov, Y.M. Botnar, I.M. Son, V.V. Efremova, I.A. Yurlov, V.M. Vatolin, A.V. Polikarpov

Под редакцией:  Bockeria L.A.

Год:  2015

Количество страниц:  470

ISBN:  978-5-7982-0348-2

УДК:  312.6(470)(084.4)+61

Копирайт:  © Общероссийская общественная организация «Лига здоровья нации», 2015
© Институт здоровья Общероссийской общественной организации «Лига здоровья нации», 2015


Десятое, юбилейное, издание Атласа «Здоровье России», как и все выпуски прошлых лет, посвящено различным аспектам состояния здоровья населения страны.

Атлас содержит основные показатели по здравоохранению, демографическому и социально-экономическому развитию Российской Федерации.

Главной его особенностью является то, что материалы представлены в виде 221 таблицы, что позволяет провести сравнительный анализ данных за 2007–2012 гг. При этом показатели последнего года отражены на 221 карте.

Издание предназначено для врачей разных специальностей, аспирантов, ординаторов, студентов медицинских вузов, организаторов здравоохранения и для широкого круга читателей, интересующихся современным состоянием различных отраслей медицины.

All-Russian public organization ‘League of Nation’s Health’ was established in 2003 on the initiative of prominent public figures concerned with the state of physical and moral health of Russian citizens.

A prominent heart surgeon, Director of Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Academician of RAS and RAMS Leo A. Bockeria was elected the President of the League. The main purpose of the League is to improve the physical and moral health of the citizens of the Russian Federation, to increase their quality of life. Its’ program determines participation in the development of Russian health care, physical culture and sports movement, arrangement and protection of the environment, promoting and distributing healthy lifestyle, educating the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and selfless commitment to socially useful and constructive activities. The main provisions of the program reflect the latest scientific advances in the fields of medicine, psychology, philosophy, the theory of the individual and social consciousness development, humanistic education.

Public figures, academicians, personalities involved in health care, education, environmen- tal and social protection, culture and sports have become the members of the League. All citizens and public organizations caring about the state of physical and moral health of the nation, ecological security, Russians’ way of life, can and should be members of the League. The organizers of the ‘League of Nation’s Health’ believe that all people responsible for their own health, the health of their families and ultimately the fate of their country will adopt goals and objectives of the League as their own.

The Institute of Health was stated on the initiative and in accordance with the Regulations of the all-Russian public organization ‘League of Nation’s Health’. It’s activities are aimed on conducting the researches on assessment of public health condition, providing the independent analysis of the quality of medical care, the organization of voluntary public certification of medical institutions, the development of conceptual proposals for improving of public health and public health systems condition, preparing and conducting the scientific and public debate on issues which have no single solution. Information about the Institute of Health can be found at the site:

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Academician L.A. Bockeria Preface

SECTION 1. Vital rates

SECTION 2. Total population overall morhidity

SECTION 3. Total population primary morhidity

SECTION 4. Overall morhidity of adults

SECTION 5. Adult population primary morhidity

SECTION 6. Socially significant diseases

SECTION 7. Work hospitals

SECTION 8. Procedures оп heart and vessels

SECTION 9. Provision of hospital beds

SECTION 10. Population provision of doctors

SECTION 11. The аmbulапсе

SECTION 12. Socio-economic indicators

The standard о f living о f the population


Provision оf pensions

Нousing conditions оf the population Gross agricultural output

The consumption оf agricultural products

SECTION 13. Education

SECTION 14. Scientific research and innovation

SECTION 15. Sport and rest

SECTION 16. The rule of1aw and offences

SECTION 17. Ecology and protection of environment